Yizumi Rubber moulding machine manufacturer video center to learn about our rubber injection machine products in the most intuitive way. The reason why rubber moulding machine is currently popular in the market is mainly because it has excellent performance that cannot be achieved by traditional rubber injection moulding machine.

YL-H200F Horizontal Rubber Injection Machine

Injection Molding Solution For Mine-screens

Connect advanced molding technology betweenn China and Europe

Silicon Stuffer Injection Moulding Machine

Insulator Injection Moulding Machine

15KW Arrestor Injection Moulding Machine

Machine Loading For Delivery

500kv Composite Insulator

T-Shaped Cable Injection Molding Machine-YIZUMI Rubber Machine

Yizumi Successfully Organized the Rubber Industry Conference and Technology Forum

Rubber Shock Absorber Moulding Machine-YIZUMI Rubber Machine


Merry Christmas!Christmas Greetings From Yizumi CEO

YL-H200F O-ring Production