YIZUMI European Standard Series Rubber Injection Molding Machine uses new core technology, is more precise and reliable, and has “smart” components. This series Rubber Injection Machine can help customers easily reach their business goals cause of simple operation and less maintenance.
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3rd Generation Fully Automatic Injection Moulding Machine Detail



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Model: YL3-V440L,V100F,V280L,V630F,V1200L


YL3-VL/F is the 3rd Generation European Series Fully Automatic Injection Moulding Machine

It is an intelligent machine that meets requirements of Industry 4.0 for rubber industry. The Fully Automatic Injection Moulding Machine uses new core technology, more precise and reliable, and has “smart” components. Simple operation, less maintenance and easy management. More comprehensive and accurate data supports intelligent manufacturing, thereby helps customers easily reach their business goals.

Standard Configuration

  • ① L3R injection unit (except for 100T)
  • ② D1 clamping structure (100T and 280T adopt D2 clamping structure)
  • ③ V5 control and management system
  • ④ The 3rd generation energy and temperature management system
  • ⑤ Ergonomic design
  • ⑥ CE safety standard
  • ⑦ ID card reader with different permission level
  • ⑧ Bar code scanning function
  • ⑨ OPC communication function
  • ⑩ Screw speed display and control
  • ⑪ Sensitive proportional digital back pressure control
  • ⑫ Material shortage alarm function

Machine Specifications:

Yizumi is committed to creating a globally advanced manufacturing platform and providing a reliable guarantee for Production;

Yizumi has been deepening the transformation and upgrade of the company. through the connection of advanced European molding technology, and the establishment of R&D center and innovation center in china and abroad, Yizumi always introduces internationally advanced technology to strengthen customer's competitiveness.

Yizumi is committed to building an internationally advanced manufacturing platform with multiple processing equipment worth tens of millions of dollars. This platform includes "OKUMA", "TOSHIBA", "MORI SEIKI" and "MAZAK" from Japan,TOS heavy boring and milling machining center from Czech Republic. Yizumi provides a powerful guarantee for the processing of key parts.
To significantly improve product's components accuracy, processing accuracy, and assembly accuracy,Yizumi is equipped with Sophisticated original imported testing instruments and equipment,and always upholds high-quality standards.

Yizumi Factory Outlet Service

YFO(Yizumi Factory Outlet)model ensures quick response and controllability of the service and it is also Yizumi's new global service strategy for the future.As regards the service concept,we not only ensure the safety of customer's production activity, but also endeavor to fulfill the ultimate goal of reducing the risk of downtime through every detail and improving customer's productivity.

YFO service Experience

1、call review
Establish customer files and provide consulting and guidance services through the return visit mechanism.
2、On Site Checking
Service engineer will check the machine regularly and provide preventive maintenance.
3、Spare Parts
we provide customers with a convenient spare part supply network to ensure the smooth,timely and accurate delivery of spare parts.
Carry out targeted training for professionals and customers.
5、Rating Evaluation
We conduct service rating certification for YFO service engineers and strictly regulate service standards.
6、24hrs Service
365 days,24 hours exclusive hotline, maintenance experts to respond to your needs.
Service Networks and Spare Parts Centers Worldwide

YFO service network covers 76 cites in china and 39 out of china.
Spare parts stores across 53 cites in china and 23 out of china.
Part same-day delivery rate at headquarters≥96%
3rd Generation European Series Injection Machine

Simple Choice, High Adaptability

Meeting the mainstream European mold installation and demolding requirements. Dozens of precise modules, flexible combination. One set of advanced software, simple editing. All these quickly meet diverse needs.

Main Option Devices

① Open gate silicone stuffer

② Side open silicone stuffer

③ Injection piston damper device

④ L3R Injection unit (non-standard injection volume)

⑤ F3R injection unit

⑥ Strip compound feeding device

⑦ Top hydraulic mold separator

⑧ Bottom hydraulic mold separator

⑨ Center Ejector

⑩ Lower mold sliding device

⑪ 2RT

⑫ Rear side downward ejecting device

⑬ Auto ejecting device for bushing

⑭ Double lower or middle mold non-synchronic exchange (suitable for thick mold)

⑮ Double lower or middle mold synchronic exchange

⑯ B & R control system with 10'' touch screen or siemens control system with 9'' HD screen

⑰ Pneumatic door

⑱ F3R 2nd injection unit (two compounds)

⑲ Oil tank at rear side(not for 100T and 280T)

⑳ Robotic system

㉑ Manual double middle mold exchange device

㉒ Regular motor + variable displacement pump

Injection piston damper device
③.Injection piston damper device

Piston can be fully pulled out for quick cleaning without removing bolts.

Auto ejecting device for bushing
⑬.Auto ejecting device for bushing

Downward automatic ejector, suitable for bushings or similar products, products can betransported to the front ofmachine through conveyor. belt, convenient for product checking

3rd Generation European Series Injection Machine,Double lower or middle mold synchronic exchange device
⑮.Double lower or middle mold synchronic exchange device

Synchronic mold exchange, outer mold has dedicated heating plate, suitable for thin mold which needs long demolding time.

Actual scene application

Vetical Side Plate Clamping Structyre Vetical Side Plate Clamping Structyre

Actual scene application 1
Actual scene application 2
Actual scene application 3
Actual scene application 4
Actual scene application 5
Actual scene application 6
Actual scene application 7
Actual scene application 8
Actual scene application 9
Actual scene application 10
Actual scene application 11
Actual scene application 12
Actual scene application 13
Actual scene application 14
Actual scene application 15
Actual scene application 16

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