The injection molding machine is a kind of high-pressure, fast-moving, and high-temperature operation at the same time. Air Spring Molding Machine is the crystallization of the integration of machinery, electric control and hydraulic pressure. Only by choosing quality-assured air spring moulding injection machine can the injection molding work be carried out smoothly.

Air Spring Automatic Rubber Injection Moulding Machine

Comply with European Process and Performance Requirements
In line with the advanced molding process and performance requirement of European air spring.

Four-column clamping structure, large clamping stroke, suitable for mold installation in the height range of 400 to 1100.
Improve product quality
High-temperature control accuracy, steam temperature control accuracy of ±2°, ensure the consistency of vulcanized parts and improve product quality.
Advanced gas control system
Precise control of high and low-pressure nitrogen via stages, satisfy various performance requirements of forming stages for different products.
Free programming
Siemens control system, self-programing, users can freely compile the production sequences according to the process requirements.
Pneumatic doors and all-around safety guards work together in response to safety standards while addressing the gas emissions collecting issue from vulcanization, which fulfills environmental requirements.

Yizumi Factory Outlet Service

YFO(Yizumi Factory Outlet)model ensures quick response and controllability of the service and it is also Yizumi's new global service strategy for the future.As regards the service concept,we not only ensure the safety of customer's production activity, but also endeavor to fulfill the ultimate goal of reducing the risk of downtime through every detail and improving customer's productivity.

YFO service Experience

1、call review Establish customer files and provide consulting and guidance services through the return visit mechanism. 2、On Site Checking Service engineer will check the machine regularly and provide preventive maintenance. 3、Spare Parts we provide customers with a convenient spare part supply network to ensure the smooth,timely and accurate delivery of spare parts. 4、Training Carry out targeted training for professionals and customers. 5、Rating Evaluation We conduct service rating certification for YFO service engineers and strictly regulate service standards. 6、24hrs Service 365 days,24 hours exclusive hotline, maintenance experts to respond to your needs. Service Networks and Spare Parts Centers Worldwide YFO service network covers 76 cites in china and 39 out of china. Spare parts stores across 53 cites in china and 23 out of china. Part same-day delivery rate at headquarters≥96%

Actual scene application

Vetical Side Plate Clamping Structyre Vetical Side Plate Clamping Structyre

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